“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.”
Johannes Brahms



/ Composers Tools points to provide high quality samples and powerfull features to it’s clients. Our purpose is clear: capture transparent emotions from what we sample, in order to offer the same inspiration we get everyday doing our job. /


  • digital/analog mixing & mastering

    Into years we collected top-quality gear and according to your needs, we can provide different solutions to mix and master your tracks.

  • Editing & Audio Repair

    Cutting samples or fix a bad recorded session requires time and care for detail. Don’t slow down your production process, ask for a Skype meeting by our contact form.

  • remote recording/sampling sessions

    According to your needs, we can provide instruments, players and locations to sample your projects, or record your compositions. Submit your request through the contact form
    and we’ll share our solutions and quotes.

  • Re-amp

    One of the most common operation nowadays to realistically re-sample a sound, is to place an Hi-fi speaker within an acoustically treated room, and record again it sound applying a different mic setup along the space. We can provide different locations, speakers(PMC, Amphion), and an Orion32 audio converter.

  • V.O. Recordings/commercials

    Our human resources provide different timber, accent and language solutions. Post-production is included within the service.

  • Composition & SFX

    Many composers entered our roster, using our products. Nowadays we purpose our community as a composition service for video makers and game developers.