CineSFX Vol. I

"A smashing sound collection, ready to inspire."

ThingThong, UnderVibe and Voce: All in one package. Close the circle and shape your sound.

129,00 $

It contains over 1000 HD (96kHz/24Bit) WAV files for a total of 2.38GB, in 7 categories:

  1. BOOMS - 50 big screen “boom” kind of sounds with lot of low frequencies for any kind of impact moments.
  2. FX - 150 totally different sounds mixed together. Reversed door slides, impacts, machines.
  3. MACHINES - 70 abstract sounds created form V8 engines, toys, drill sounds, food processors and even a flushes from the water closet.
  4. SMASHES - 325 mixed and processed hits, smashes, squishes.
  5. SUPER FASTS - 250 very quick and strange sounds. Great for game objects, interfaces, little machines, switches as well as for quick video transitions.
  6. WOOBOOS - 115 fantastic tools for any composer. “Incomings” and “Booms” of different tempo processed and mixed together.
  7. WOOS - 115 sounds for passes or long transitions. Mixed with the “BOOMS” category allows you to create your own “WOOBOOS”.


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